Solar Eclipse: Not As Rare As You Think

After all the buzz about this year’s total solar eclipse (which will take place today around 2:44 PM EST) I did a little research. Come to find out partial solar eclipses happen 2.4 times a year. Total eclipses are a lot more rare. But I’m really not here to talk about the natural phenomenon of the moon blocking the sun’s light from earth.  I want to talk about a completely different type of eclipse that happens way more regularly and is a lot more dangerous.

Being the Light or Blocking the Light?

Jesus used an interesting phrase to describe himself in John 8:12. He said, “I am the light of the world…” Of course, the physical light of our world is the sun.  At another time he called his followers “the light of the world” (Matthew 5:14). Understanding that the source of our light comes from Jesus we could say that we are like the moon. We reflect the light of Jesus.

By design, the moon reflects the sun’s light into the dark of night. However, as we will see today, when the moon gets in front of the sun the light is cut off. Similarly, we reflect the light (love and power) of Jesus into the world. Unfortunately, when followers of Jesus follow our own agendas we can actually eclipse the Light of the World. This happens way too often.
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Conversations You Need To Have With Your Spouse Today! Part 1

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Happily Ever After
As a pastor, I have the privilege and great responsibility of marrying couples. Each time it is a unique experience even when the vows are similar. Every bride and groom has their own ideas of what marriage will be like and how they will live as a couple. Part of my responsibility as their pastor is to ensure that they are communicating about the most important things from the beginning. Like a farmer who tends to the ground before planting his seeds, couples need to pull up the rocks, weeds and trash of their past to make room for the new plants and roots that they are about to plant.

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The Give and Take

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Not all relationships are created equal. This should be a freeing statement. Such an understanding could act as a pressure release valve for many people. “Why so much pressure?” you ask. To put it simply, expectations create pressure in a relationship. Each person brings their own hopes and assumptions that could ultimately strengthen or destroy the association. When those assumptions are fulfilled the joy is hard to match. At the same time, unmet expectations can be disappointing at best and devastatingly debilitating at worst.
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