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40 Days of Prayer: Day 17

Today’s blog was written by Katie Hadden.

Scripture Focus: Psalm 46:10, Luke 10:38-42

Busyness and business are words that are often seen as synonyms in today’s fast paced life. If we are busy, that must mean we are productive in our business dealings, whether family life, social life, or career. However, there are many scriptures that remind us even in our fast-paced days that there is a need for things to slow down and focus on God’s sovereignty. Psalm 46:10 reminds us to “be still and know that I am God”. Be still means to not be active, and “know” reminds us to rely on what God has already revealed to us. He doesn’t say learn, as if it’s our first exposure to the information. He says “know”, reminding us to call on the knowledge we already have.

Consider the story of Mary and Martha. Both had a heart to serve, and both of their ministries were important to them, as well as others. However, Martha became consumed by the feeling of needing to work to show Jesus how much she cared and how capable she was. Mary, on the other hand, realized she had nothing to prove to Jesus- she didn’t have to work to earn His attention or love. It was freely offered; all she had to do was sit at His feet and receive it. 

I, for one, have to remind myself often that while the things I do in ministry are important, if I ever lose sight of why I’m doing them, and ultimately who I’m doing them for, then my actions are useless and unfruitful. It is easy to feel overwhelmed with all of the items on the “to-do” list, but, in the midst of your busy-ness, remember that if the items don’t get completed today, there is always tomorrow to work towards them. 

Without carving out a few moments each day to spend with God, all the work we do is in vain. He doesn’t ask us to do more than we are able; He longs for us to come to Him when what we have within us isn’t enough. As you pray today, lean against Him. Be still in that moment. Allow His love to wash over you as you soak in His presence. You’ve already earned it, just by being there.

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