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40 Days of Prayer: Day 16

Today’s blog was written by Stephanie Casey.

What does it mean to Completely Surrender?

I have been asking this question myself for the past 6 months. Surrender looks different for many. Complete surrender however, is a process of being willing to lay down everything to follow God. That could mean, jobs, friends, passions, family, finances, health, ministry, or anything else that is a priority in your life. God gives and God takes away. It is not a comfortable process to go through, but it is sometimes a necessary process to get us to a place where we do not look to anyone or anything other than God to carry us.

For me, I have watched God strip away everything in my life. He has called me to a higher place, for His glory and for His purpose.  I had to first be willing to say YES, and accept the call. Once I accepted is when life began to get real. It is a struggle, and often, you will want to quit. You may even find yourself like Orpah, in the book of Ruth, wanting to return to what is familiar. I know I have felt that way many days. But just like Job, we have to be willing to press on in serving God, even when we don’t feel like it, even when we hurt, and even when we are weak and tired. We have to be willing to say yes to God, even when others around us think we should quit. God will sustain you for the journey. He will walk with you through it.

The best way I have found to aide in getting through this process of surrender is through worship. It is the most vital part of my day. I listen to songs that minister to where I am; right to my heart. I draw strength when I offer my worship to God. He hears my cry and He heals my heart. I encourage you, if you find yourself in a place of surrender, to embrace the journey. Don’t look at it as an obstacle, but yet an opportunity, to rise out of the ashes and become the person God has called you to be. Don’t lose faith, don’t lose hope, don’t lose your song, and most importantly…Don’t Quit!!

Remember, diamonds aren’t diamonds in the beginning. They are carbon atoms that are put under high pressure and high temperatures. They too go through a process, but in the end, they are beautiful, valuable gems!

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