Hydrate Break > Episode 3: An Angel Meets a Coward at a Winepress

It does make sense with the wider connectivity of the world, the instant feedback to our posts and messages that many people struggle to find their self-worth today. When everyone has an opinion it can be pretty hard to find the right ones to listen to. However, this is not some new byproduct of technology or even a twenty-first century creation which brings us to our 3,000 year old story: An angel meets a coward at a winepress.

Take Aways

Self-worth is influenced by three “voices”

  1. How we see ourselves
  2. How others see us
  3. How God sees us

Which of these “voices” do you listen to the most?

Bible Passage

Read Gideon’s full story in Judges chapters 6, 7 & 8


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