3 Replies to “Day 3”

  1. I read and these questions kept coming up even through I think I know the answer, I would like to hear others to see what they think?!?!

    Why isn’t healing or miracles being preformed like we read in these chapters?

    Why are we not letting the world know when we pray about something and God answers our prayers?

    Why are we so scared to talk to other about what blessings God has gave us?

    1. All interesting questions. All deeply personal. An obvious answer for all three questions would be lack of faith but that seems rather simple and some what anemic. A blanket answer at best. It doesn’t begin to account for the individuality of circumstances. In regard to the first question, an answer of “lack of faith” comes from the assumption that God’s desire is to always heal or perform miracles on this earth. Consider the reciprocal: Why would God choose not to heal?

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