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40 Days of Prayer: Day 12

Today’s blog was written by Brenda Johnson. 

After many years of employment, 34 to be exact, my husband came home one evening and told me he would like to change careers. I took a deep breath and agreed it was time. However, no one is really comfortable rocking their “security boat”. We committed to two weeks of prayer without further discussion on the matter.

It did not take long for me to realize the peace of God had begun to settle my mind and give me reassuring reminders of His dependability. The day came my husband resigned. When he walked out of his employer, we had zero financial support other than my job. We just took the biggest step of faith in our married life!! ” Oh Lord I need you! The word “trust” just became reality. This is it! Pray and know. Lord, help me to “be still and know ” you are not only God but God all mighty!

I had the opportunity to hire a temporary employee with whom I immediately was happy and pleased. She was a Christian and joined with me in prayer for a job for my husband. The search seemed to be to no avail each time he sent a resume. A couple of months passed. No job and my recently hired employee was offered a full time position as a job placement coordinator. Sad to see her go, I encouraged her to take advantage of the opportunity. Little did I know what was ahead. Prayers continued “Lord, your Word says you will provide our need. Believe, trust! At this point, I felt I was being tested.

My past employee and I crossed paths, had lunch and caught up with our conversation. She told me that she wanted to tell me of an employment opportunity that would suit my husband perfectly. Great! Resume sent. Hurry up and wait! She and I begin to pray agreeing on this particular job. It only took a few forevers and finally a phone call to setup an interview. The interview seemed to go well. No word. “Lord, how long do we have to wait.” Finally! Only in the Lord’s timing are blessings released – the blessing lasted for nearly fifteen years until retirement! This turned out to be a wonderful job and offered opportunities to pray and witness to various people working at this location.

What a blessing it was for me to hire a smiling face across the desk not knowing how instrumental she would be in finding a job that would hire my husband! God is so good to us and has plans for us beyond comprehension. Lessons learned were patience, trust and obedience. God took His time to help me grow my faith. Thank you, God.

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