Lord's Prayer

40 Days of Prayer: Day 6 

Today’s blog was written by Ted Johnson. It is part three of a seven part series on the Lord’s prayer.

‘Hallowed be Your Name’. . .
Hallowed = Holy

When we first receive Jesus as our Savior, once again because of background circumstances, we may be unable to truly humble ourselves before Him. God is patient, loving, kind, and long suffering. He always accepts us as we are (just as He did even before we gave our hearts to Christ). Though He accepts and loves anyway, His love won’t allow Him to stay away from endeavoring to improve us. He wants for us the very best out of life here and our future life in Heaven.

God wants to bless His people (us) far beyond measure. Unfortunately, our indifference, lukewarmness, lack of Biblical understanding and exercising His principles in our daily living hinders Him from doing all He desires to do. One of the things we must possess is a humble and contrite spirit. Over time, the Holy Spirit He sends us helps us to learn to humble ourselves. . .when dealing with others and when we approach God in our prayer time. This begins the process through which our time with Him is most productive and rewarding.

There will be those who say the Bible says to approach God with boldness – this is true.
What that means is be bold in knowing you have every right to be there in His presence. He sent His son to die on the cross for you – He loves you and wants to spend time with you. So be bold and don’t let anything or anyone keep you from your prayer time of communing, worshiping, praising, and petitioning your God. Just, however, do so with a humble spirit desiring His will and direction in your life, desiring to bless Him with your presence and love.

God can bless and use on behalf of others a humble spirited Christian. When we begin to understand how Holy God really is it then becomes easy to approach Him with reverence and respect out of a humble and contrite heart.

Truly, we can cry out ‘Hallowed be Your Name’. . .

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