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40 Days of Prayer: Day 8

Today’s blog was written by Ted Johnson. It is part  five of seven in a series on the Lord’s Prayer.

‘Give Us This Day Our Daily Bread’ recognizes the fact that our sustenance comes from
God above. He knows what we have need of and He supplies those needs through whatever means He sees fit. His word tells us such things as: he who does not work does not eat (2 Thessalonians 3: 10,11). Therefore, we partner with God through His word and our prayers to procure the daily bread He provides for us. With His help, we become responsible stewards of the provisions He supplies.

This line also shows us that God does not just hand out randomly and without limit the provisions He provides. It is Our daily bread, designed and meant for us – not someone else. We are to live on our own means and care for those whom God has placed in our lives who need our help. . .spouse, children, parents (if down and out), others as may be the individual case. We should pray for wisdom to use whatever is provided in the proper way. This does not preclude tithing and offerings and gifts of kindness to those in need. God expects these to be given, as well. Living and giving His way actually makes funds available for our lives and for those extras He leads us to give.

‘Daily Bread’ indicates that it is not a limitless supply that flows on and on. We must learn to seek God for our ‘daily’ needs and not take His provisions lightly. God knows we need fellowship and guidance from Him and He desires that our attention and affection be expressed to Him on a continual basis, as well. He doesn’t just provide ‘hand outs‘. He endeavors to teach us to rely on Him and continually grow stronger in Him as we watch His guiding hand work in our lives. This happens through Bible study, prayer, and listening to preaching and teaching of His word.

The Lord’s prayer teaches us to ask God to. . .’Give us This Day Our Daily Bread‘ because Jesus knows the Father likes nothing better than to provide for His Children.

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