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40 Days of Prayer: Day 29

Have you ever seen a Secret Service agent on tv? They stand around trying to look inconspicuous while talking into their sleeves and a listening to the not so iconspicuous white curly fry hanging from their ear. Most of the time they silently surround POTUS—that’s the “President of the United States” in Secret Service speak—however, when their finger touches the dangling fry and their brow furrows, watch out because they are about to snap into action.

In real life, Secret Service agents are trained to take a bullet for the President, or whomever they are protecting. They rehearse and train for nearly every possible scenario. There are protocols that have to be followed instinctively. No time can be wasted on second guessing. There’s only one chance to get it right. One wrong move can prove to be devastating. That type of precision doesn’t happen without a high regard for the mission.

In church world there is a special task force commonly known as prayer warriors. These people dedicate themselves to praying for others’ needs. Like the Secret Service we don’t really think about them being there until all hell is breaking loose. But when the spiritual bullets start flying, we definitely want some prayer warriors around to help. Likewise, their training requires an extremely high regard for the mission.

They pray when they feel like it and when they don’t. They pray when it’s sunny and raining. Snow and sleet may stop the post office but pw’s still deliver. Holidays don’t slow them down. Guest in their homes are considered prayer partners even if they don’t want to be. They pray over their meals, while their cooking their meals and while they are buying the groceries which make up their meals. They pray for you when you ask them and when you don’t know about it. In short, pw’s have a special connection with their Father—that’s “God” in prayer warrior speak—no curly-fry shaped ear accessories needed. Are ready to sign up for this service?

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