waiting on Subway 

40 Days of Prayer: Day 19

Have you ever had to wait for something? No, I don’t mean when the hostess told you it would be a forty-five minute wait to be seated over an hour and a half ago. I mean, have you ever waited for something BIG to happen? Something life-changing.

I mean, your bags are packed and the tickets are paid for, but the train won’t come. Anxiously, you pace back and forth double, triple, quadruple checking your ticket to make sure you have the correct information but still there is no rumble on the tracks.

“When will it come?” you ask with a strained voice. “I’m ready,” you say to anyone who will listen. “I’ve done my part: I prepared. I bought my ticket. I got here early…I…I…I…When will this blasted train get here?” 

Then you notice someone else getting on a train several tracks away.

“Humph,” you sigh disbelievingly. “What did they do that was so special? Why do they get to get out of here while I am stuck?” 

The laughter from the boarding passengers explodes in your mind like landminds sending shrapnel through your emotions. Splinters of bitter-sweet memories torturously reminding you of happier times. The way it was before. The way it will never be again. That’s why you are here. You need a change. But it is not coming quickly enough.

You check the clock on your phone again. It keeps moving but your train must be stalled. Looking at the other trains you wonder, “could my ticket get me on one of those?”

At this point, you are less concerned with your destination as you are with just getting out of here. Your bags are getting heavy and you can’t go back. Not now…

Of course, I am not talking about a train at all. The truth is that the train metaphor was inspired by the above picture, but I think it matches many of our lives. It seems like we are all waiting for something big to happen. We probably all have prayers that we have been waiting to have answered. God seems silent and we are panicking. As other people’s prayers are answered, and their train comes in, we question why our train is stalled.

However, it’s in this uncomfortable, messy stage that we can really see the hand of God move in our lives. How can He move if we are stuck on the platform? It’s simple: He moves through the power of patience. Many people wrongly equate God’s silence with testing our resolve. Are we committed enough to never quit? Are we strong enough to make it on faith alone? This is not quite the test that is being administered.

Patience is really the exercise of our love for God. After all, “Love is _____________” (1 Corinthians 13:4a). That’s right, patient! In other words, our love for God is shown through our trust in Him to know what is best for us in every situation. Don’t miss your train because you lost your patience.

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