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40 Days of Prayer: Day 3

Today’s blog was written by Richard Burkhalter. Enjoy!

PRAYER– The thought of it can bring a little fear, some anxiety and even a lack of understanding to people. We hear Pastors, moms, grandmothers, and friends say “You just need to pray”—but: What is it all about? What should be said? How long does it have to be? Do I close my eyes, kneel down here in the park, or fold my hands?
See what I mean? It can sound daunting and even awkward. It isn’t and never has to be because Prayer is communication- it is simply talking to God!

PRAYER BUILDS OUR RELATIONSHIP WITH JESUS– it is when we take the time to communicate that a relationship is formed- prayer allows Jesus to embrace us, to care for us, to point out our needs to us, and share with us how He fills them.In the book of Ephesians the Apostle Paul prays for us (Christians), “that you may be able to comprehend… what is the breadth and length and height and depth and to know the love of Christ which surpasses knowledge…” How awesome that Paul prayed for us to come to know, understand and feel the love of God! That’s what prayer is, relationship building which draws us closer to the understanding of the love of God for us!

So today, wherever you are, however you feel, whatever you may be facing or already going through- Start talking to God- share your fears, worries, troubles, or just your day with Him and allow your relationship to grow by opening up the lines of communication!

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